About me

I am a software engineer with over seven years of experience creating robust enterprise web applications. I have founded two SaaS-based startups, with one having been acquired. Currently, I am furthering my expertise as a fourth-year software engineering student at Ontario Tech University, and working as a research engineer with the Data Systems Group at the University of Waterloo.

Github    Linkedin    david.rui at uwaterloo.ca

My Projects


I'm especially curious about the fundamentals of geometric deep learning and the applicability of GNNs in solving real-world problems. I believe they can dramatically impact the world in the next few years. My research interest lies in the intersection of graph neural networks and graph databases.

Kùzu DB - University of Waterloo (2023 - current)

Currently working on Kùzu database management core system.

SAIN Lab (Security and Artificial Intelligence Lab) (2021 - 2022)

Performed literature review on graph network papers, developed experiments with graph influence functions, subgraph sampling, differentiable neural architecture search for graphs (AutoML), and knowledge distillation.


2023 – Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) - University of Waterloo

2021 – Undergraduate Student Research Fellowship (USRF) - Ontario Tech


BEng, Software Engineering - Ontario Tech University (2020 - 2024)

Industry Experience

Iris Digital Wealth (2018 - 2020)

As a co-founder, I developed an enterprise-level CRM application for financial advisors in RoR, and a highly scalable cloud structure on AWS services (EC2, ECS, EKR, RDS, S3, ElastiCache, Lambda).

Liberta Global (2016 - 2017)

Developed trading algorithms in Python.

Avante (2014 - 2016)

Joined a startup as CTO at the seed stage. After raising a round of $24M, I was responsible for hiring and leading a team of software engineers, designers and QAs.

XP Securities (2014)

I led a small team to develop a novel onboarding experience for new accounts.

Bolsa Financeira (2010 - 2013)

Founded my first SaaS-based startup, building from scratch a distributed real-time scanner in erlang, ruby and C shared libraries. Acquired by L&S holding, a subsidiary of XP Inc (NYSE:XP)


I spent two years in the military in Brazilian Army.